My name is Robert Gant, I am the President of I Define Fatherhood.  I want to formally introduce myself, and further explain how this organization came about and what our mission is.

I Define Fatherhood was conceived from a vision I had shortly after my wife and I welcomed our first child, Riley into the world, in December of 2011.  In this vision, I saw a world that was dying. A world filled with hate, anger, and fatherless children without guidance.  It was in this moment I felt God reaching out to me.  I realized, if I stand by and do nothing, this vision will someday come to pass.

It was in this instant that “I Define Fatherhood” came to pass, and along with it, the task of revitalizing the community through Christ’s love.  We put faith into our government like they have all the answers to the problems in our communities, but I say to you, without faith in Christ, the community will never be better.  Without fathers taking their rightful position as the spiritual leader of their household, we will never be better. The changes in my life would of never been possible without Christ in my life and truly trying to follow his path instead of the path that the world would have me.

I speak with HOPE and BELIEF that we as Fathers can truly be a fresh beginning to a world that values love and respect!  Not one person can do it alone, so in actuality this is a call for help to all fathers who desire a better future for our children, their children’s children, for generations and generations to come!  Fathers, we need you to join this movement!  We are looking for like-minded men with great ideas, youth groups, other organizations, or just those who would like to volunteer their time.

Simply fill out the “email address” form located on either the side or bottom of your browser to stay up to date with all post and future projects of I Define Fatherhood.

Let’s Define Fatherhood Together!

Thank you and God Bless!

Robert Gant

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