Children Alike


As a father of two, I know first hand how hard and stressful raising a child can be. Having two daughters ages 1 1/2 and 3, everyday is a test of my patience and love. A test of my patience because at times they get into a lot of mischief, and a test of my unconditional love because I consciously have to look past the calamity and always remember to apply love in every situation. Even when I discipline them, I do it in a way that promotes love instead of anger. When I sit back and meditate on it all, I realize that our children aren’t that different from us. Just as our children, we are also children… Children of God. Similarly we are also still learning everyday, and like our little ones, we will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Just as God love us, and continuously allows us to grow and learn, so should we be just as patient when it comes to raising our children. As adults, we’ll never reach a point where we can say that we know EVERYTHING, there isn’t a milestone for that idea. For as long as we are living, we will always be learning something new. The Sum of what we learn in our lifetime is what grants us wisdom. Our children are on the same path as us, they are just a few steps behind. So, the next time your child smears paint across a wall, or squeezes half a tube of toothpaste in their mouth, just remember that investigating and discovering is part of the path we all walk. The amount of patience and love we give as fathers, will essentially impact how our children continue to learn and grow into adulthood.

One thought on “Children Alike

  1. Let’s also not forget that these qualities are the manifestation, the example of God’s love and patience that he has for us, that we display for our children. Through our example, they learn not just God’s love and patience for us, but also how to display those same qualities in their life, as they grow and develop in this day and age, and hopefully, to become an example for their own children.


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