Hindered Prayers


Have you ever considered that your circumstances are a result of the lack of love and respect you show your wife? Can you bring yourself to admit that your faults are the cause of a lot of the problems in your marriage? As husbands and spiritual leaders of our families, we must own the responsibility of how are marriage plays out. We have the power to make or break our marriage. To build it up with love or to weaken it with anger and distrust.

It’s easy to place the blame on your wife and dwell on all the negative in your relationship. A mindset like this is surely the work of the Devil. He will create ideas and thoughts in your head, driving you to hate and resent your wife, and he will succeed as long as you are blind to his attacks. A marriage between man and woman, walking with God is the strongest connection on this earth. The Devil understands the power of a Godly marriage and desperately wants to dissolve this relationship, doing whatever it takes to accomplish this. Including making it out to seem as though your wife is the enemy.

For so long I ignored my own wrong doings and justified my actions by how my wife treated me. It wasn’t till I realized that the reason we were having difficulties in our marriage, wasn’t because of my wife, it was because of me. My wife needed love and because I was not living up to my responsibilities as a husband, she could not live up to hers as a wife. Never mind who wronged who first, the devil will have you dwell over this for as long as you embrace this ideology, and things will never improve. I put away my anger and focused solely on loving my wife.

Since allowing God to work in my life and on my marriage I can honestly say that our relationship has gotten a lot better and with time I know it will only get stronger. That’s not to say that I believe that we will never have an argument or be upset with one another. Of course we will, we are no different from any other marriage on this earth, but I know with God influencing our decisions, that we will always have a way to overcome and that is the difference between a marriage living with Christ then a marriage living without Christ.

You pray and pray for your circumstances to change, but how can you expect that to happen when you’re not doing right by your wife? the bible says love your wife, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Your wife isn’t an enemy, she’s a gift, treat her as so and God will bless your marriage.

One thought on “Hindered Prayers

  1. OMG that is so beautiful and so true and nothing but God in your life, I love you so much. Continue to grow in the things of God, continue to be led by His still small voice, that small voice that is big enough to drown out the voice of the enemy!!! Obedience for big things to happen through you and your lovely wife in 2015 . . . it’s your year for explosion!!!! Get ready, get ready, get ready!!!!



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