Love Thy Neighbor 2015


Love Thy Neighbor 2015

Thank you to everyone who donated their time, money and clothing. It brought joy and hope to so many people. From everyone at “Because of his Love Outreach” and “I Define Fatherhood” thank you.

I personally would like to say that it felt good to do some good. The people we encountered..The stories that were told..The tears that were shed.. The smiles that were made. The laughs that were shared..It felt good.

“Your giving this away for free?!” In disbelief, one man asked repeatedly.

Eager and interested to learn more about us he then asked, what church  we were from and where it was located..without uncertainty we responded,”We ARE the church”.

Another man was ecstatic and over joyed that he was able to get his fiance a new outfit for Valentine’s Day. His smile stretched from ear to ear. Reminiscing on how her reaction would be once he got home, he said she would ask “Where did you get all these nice things from?!” And I’m going to say “I got it from God! I saw him today!” And she’s going to ask me “Where did you see God at?!” and I’m going to say “I saw him on Mack and Third!” Lol not our exact location, but we knew what he meant.

Whenever you have moments like this one, it really is the love of God working through people. You dont have to travel far to find the proof of God’s Love. For it is only because of Him that we are inspired to do the things we do. We move, because His love moves through us.

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