The Battle Within


Sometimes it seems like conquering the flesh comes  with no reward. When you follow the desires of the flesh it usually leads to some type of gratification. Despite that gratification being short  lived, it’s enough to keep you distracted and desiring more. Unlike following the desires of the flesh, conquering the flesh may  or may not result in immediate gratification. At least that is what it may  feel like. Giving into the desires of the flesh is so much easier than conquering it. Takes little to no effort to give in, but conquering those same desires, choosing to take a different path requires a lot of strength and courage. Though it may seem like no change is occurring when you conquer the flesh, the most significant change of all is quietly taking place when  you do. For each time you’re able to equip the Holy Spirit  and defeat the flesh you’re growing spiritually. Each time you’re getting stronger and stronger. Till one day, that once loud yell of the flesh is reduced to a whisper and the former you is no more. No more are you a servant to the desires of the flesh. You are a servant to Christ  and that type of gratification is everlasting.

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