“Its just Flirting”


Is there such a thing as “innocent flirting?” Not when you’re married there isn’t. When your married the only women you should be flirting with is your WIFE. That’s how your love for each other grows. You can’t fully love  your wife in the way that God would have you if your attention is being divided amongst other women and do not convince yourself into believing that flirting isn’t cheating just because it isn’t physical. When you  flirt  with other women you are cheating on your  wife spiritually, emotionally and  lustfully and you are leaving the door  open for the Devil to work in your marriage. Flirting has the dangerous potential of leading to other things. Take not that chance of ruining your family by allowing flirting with other women to occur in your life. Give all your love  and attention to your wife. Do not fall a victim to the desires of the flesh. Turn away from it and run as far away from it as  possible. In the  shadows the Devil conspires against you and your marriage. Do not underestimate the cunningness in which he carries out his plan.

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