Conquer Thy Flesh update


I’m reminded of just how IMperfect I am. I struggle with my temper at times. I try to control it and I do majority of the time, but there are times when It gets the best of me. It’s a constant conscious effort on my part to calm myself and not allow situations to compromise all which I have gained by  following Christ. The flesh is a hard obstacle to overcome when you’re doing it alone. When it comes to my anger, I replace those destructive emotions with love. I dwell on the positive and not the negative. Love gives me a route out, while anger keeps me in a mentally distraught place which lingers. I refuse to give the Devil power over my life and dictate how I treat my family. I give that power to Jesus and let him have it in abundance. I am HIS and he is MINE. #idefinefatherhood #Jesus #love #God #marriage #husband #father #husbandandwife #parenthood #conquerthyflesh #christ #savior #bible

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