Everything in God’s will


As much as I would welcome a larger disposable income, not having one has enabled me to learn a lot about fixing things. When things break down around the house my 1st instinct isn’t to rush out and buy something new nor is it to pay someone to fix it for me. I’m sure if I had the extra money,  that’s exactly what I would do, but what growth is to be gained from a obstacle that is easy to overcome? So instead of feeling sorry for myself or becoming stressed when things break down, I take DELIGHT in them. I take delight and give thanks because I belong to Christ Jesus and I know that this is the will of God as it concerns me (1Th 5:18). As a Christian I live to be in God’s will. I do not want to live a life outside of God’s will, because to me… to live outside of God’s will, is not to live at all. #idefinefatherhood #lawnmowerman #mrDIY #God’swill #marriage #husbandandwife #parenthood #spiritualleader #endure #love #Christ #jesus #learningexperience #strength

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