God is Restoration


A lot of couples make the mistake of believing that a marriage is a union of only two people, one man and one woman, and as a result, many of those marriages end in divorce. Marriage is not a union of two people, but THREE. It is a union of one man, one woman and GOD, it is a holy union. Most divorces arise from a hardened heart, a hardened heart is an unforgiving heart, and a unforgiving heart is a sinful heart. Essentially marriages that end divorce is a result of couples not inviting God into their marriage. They try to do it on their own. The problem with that is when conflict arises they lack wisdom and guidance to come through it. They rely on their own wisdom or wisdom of others to resolve their problems. They seek alternative routes instead of the one true route in God. Man is flawed and as a result any advice we can muster up will be flawed in some way. But God is RIGHTEOUS! he is ALL KNOWING and POWERFUL! he is GRACE! he is LOVE! and he is RESTORATION to a broken marriage. Fall to your knees! Lift up your voice and call out to the father to enter your marriage! The Devil seeks to destroy your marriage and push you further away from God. He preys on God-less marriages and devours them, but God believes in you and your marriage and wants nothing, but to be a part of it. The question is, will you allow him to be? #idefinefatherhood #husbandandwife #nevergiveup #therock #love #jesus #god #holyunion #dontletthedevilwin #fatherhood #husband #spiritualleader #detroitbaby #restoration #holyspirit

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