Fathers matter


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 24 million (1 out of 3) children in America live without their biological father in the home.The occurrence is even more prevalent in African American households, where a staggering 55% of all black children live in single parent homes, of which 51% are lead by just a mother. Single parent homes are rapidly becoming the norm in today’s society. Surely I tell you men, on this current path, we are heading towards destruction. Look around… it’s no coincidence that our community is falling apart. Invite God into your life and into your family’s life and correct the course. #idefinefatherhood #familymatters #fathersmatter #spiritualleader #love #god #jesusheals #holyspirit #change #parenthood #wakeup #wearethedifference #detroit #america

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