Because I love you


I’m conflicted whenever I post topics concerning homosexuality, not because I have doubts about the word of God, but because I have family and friends who I care deeply for and love with ALL my heart, who are part of the gay community. I think about them each time I post or say something concerning homosexuality and I’m constantly analyzing my post, praying that I am not hurting them, or pushing them further away from God. Having said that, as a follower of Christ I have a responsibility to spread the gospel, even if it brings about an uncomfortable situation. To remain silent and pacify the word, would be tragedy and a disservice to Jesus and my love ones. I pass judgment on NO ONE because truth be told I have sin in my own life that I battle daily. But I acknowledge it and combat it head on, exposing the prowling lion to the LIGHT. The truth is in the word, if you disbelieve me, open it up see what you discover. The devil is a lie, not the word. #idefinefatherhood #onelove #loveyoufam #genesis9 #becauseiloveyou #marriage #husbandandwife #holybible #jesus #god #fatherhood #thecovenant #promisenotpride #samenowandforever

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