Lukewarm Christian


Lukewarm Christians can be misleading in both speech and action, preaching one thing yet doing another. Preaching the word of God, yet still living comfortably in sin and being disobedient to the word. Essentially lukewarm Christians hinder nonbelievers by displaying a false example of a Christian on fire.To someone who has no relationship with God, they recieve this false display as the truth and thus begin their relationship with God on a foundation built on sand rather than rock. We all endure temptation, but as the church of Christ we have a responsibility to be the best example of Christ in this world. We must not lead nonbelievers astray by our words or actions.  #idefinefatherhood #knowtheword #soulonfire #falseteachers #godislove #godistruth #marriage #husbandandwife #obideintheword #allornothing

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