Till we meet again


So often in life, people cope with the pain of losing a loved one by saying that they have gone home to be with the Lord. Despite how that love one was living in their life, the family believes the decease was a good person and thus may be present with the Lord, in heaven. Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated the life of our father, in a special home going service and it gives me great joy and pleasure to say that our father is indeed in the presence of the Lord in heaven. Though a man of good works, he didn’t make it to heaven by good works alone, for heaven is not something you can buy or earn, for it was already paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ. We take comfort in knowing that or father is in heaven, because our father was a saved man. A God fearing husband and father who abided in the word of God. He not only talked the word, but walked with the word. The inheritance of salvation, that he left to his family is the most precious gift that a man could ever leave to his family.  Im extremely blessed to have been a part of this man’s beauty. He literally changed my life with his words and wisdom in Christ, and for that I am forever grateful. There was a time in my life when I wasn’t sure if I would go to heaven or hell when I died. The beauty about being saved and walking with Christ, is that you no longer have to wonder… and that’s why I’m blessed to be able to say that when my time comes and I close my eyes for the last time… I know I’ll see our father again. Love you Alwyn B. Walker. See you later….

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