Always remember to Love your Wife


Majority of the time when conflict arises in my marriage, it’s due to the decline of LOVE I express towards my wife. Never intentionally, but day to day activities have a way of distracting me from whats most important. The repetitivness of distractions in life can create distance in a marriage, weakening the bond and before you know it, tension blossoms in your home. As I stated before, distractions have a way of coming between a husband and wife, which isn’t an anomaly, for truly I tell you that this world is designed to distract a husband from his wife. Distracts him with the lust of the eyes and heart. Distracts him with the love of money and pursuit of possessions. Sincerely I tell you that these distractions are by design, not by God’s design, but by our own sinful nature. The devil is fully aware of our sinful desires and he manifests those desires tenfold to lead us to death. But yet there is hope I tell you through Christ. Lay your distractions at the cross, pray for strength to overcome those distractions in your life. Christ demonstrates how to truly and successfully love your wife. FIX your eye on Christ and your wife and LOVE her as much as possible. Truly I tell you LOVE conquers all and it strengthens all. Unlike hate which destroys, LOVE breaths life. You can never go wrong with loving your wife too much. Their isn’t such a thing. Always remember to love your wife, but first love Christ and he will show you how to love your wife. #idefinefatherhood #marriageismyfirstministry #ChristisLove #marriage #jesus #alwaysremembertoloveyourwife #husbandandwife #ephesians5:25 #God #love #holyunion #marriage #husbands #fatherhood #parenthood

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