In a valley there is a tree which stands more than 200ft tall…its branches stretch up and into the heavens… to those who bare witness, see
a great and magnificent creation, surely God is involved in this beauty… For how else could something this wonderous exist? One day a strong and powerful wind sweeps through the valley… the tree sways side to side and after hours of relentless pounding by the wind the tree is up up rooted and knocked over… those who bore witness stood in amazement as they gazed upon the roots of this giant, The hole left by the uprooting, to their astonishment was only 5ft deep and 10feet wide… the roots were not deep enough to withstand the wind and thus gave in… On the surface, the tree appeared to be mighty and strong… but below it was weak… How deep are your roots in Christ? Will you stand strong when the wind comes or will you give in and tumble over? We all must strengthen our roots, so that in the day, we will be strong and not be persuaded, or tempted or decieved. #idefinefatherhood #deeplyrooted #discerment #husbands #marriage #husbandandwife #Jesus #God #Christislove #parenthood #spiritualleader #father

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