A month ago my car’s ball joint gave way, busting my control arm and while having it towed my axel was pulled out as well, double whammy! Initially I was upset, but that lasted all but 10seconds. It would’ve been easy to dwell on the negative but I couldn’t help but count my blessings in this moment. Prior to this taking place I had drove 15 miles on the freeway at speeds up to 70mph. After exiting the freeway I drove an additional 5miles. Now, my control arm could’ve gave out on me at any one of those moments, but it didnt. It wasnt until I pulled into a vacant lot to make a U-turn that my control arm and ball joint gave out on me. Some people would look at this as a tragedy or bad luck, but I see it as God interceding in my life. It wasn’t an accident my control arm busted JUST as I turned into that lot. It wasn’t a coincidence that it didn’t give way while driving on the freeway or while driving in traffic. The car is older and truthfully I probably should’ve fixed it a long time ago, I could hear the thumping as I drove. God chose that EXACT moment to stop me in my path. Not to cause me stress are bring about pain, but to save my daughters and my life. Oh, I had left out the most important variable in this whole story. My daughters, ages 3 and 2 were in the back seat! I praise Christ that nothing tragic happened while we were driving. I praise Christ for protecting my girls and I. When your inner light is illuminated, your’re able to see when God is working in your life. And when you do see it, you’re able to give him praise. God is NOT dead. One day I will pass from this earth, but that day, was not the day. Thank you Lord for protecting my family. Icing on the cake, this whole set back  cost me only 80 dollars to fix and get back on the road. Yeah I’m mr D.I.Y. (do it yourself). #idefinefatherhood #mrDIY #God #jesus #Godisalive #marriage #husbandandwife #fatherhood #parenthood #thankyoulord #trustinthelord

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