Marriage on the ROCK


It’s funny…when you scroll through a photo album all you usually see are the happy moments, but in between those moments, I’m sure there are some difficult times. Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary and I’m proud to say that we’ve never been happier as a couple! Now, I could fabricate a story and tell you that we have a perfect marriage and that we never have disagreements, but that would be misleading and false. The reality concerning marriages is that disagreements will arise, conflict will arise, but it’s how you as a couple work through those conflicts that will either strengthen or weaken your marriage. Just as God allows us to endure storms in life to promote growth in both our faith and character, the same can be said about marriages. Storms will come and if you allow it, it will devour your marriage, but if the two of you persevere… the beauty to come, far outweighs the storms. My wife and I are only as happy as we are today because we weathered the storms We made the choice to submit and serve unto one another, to submit and serve unto God and to eliminate the word “divorce” from our marriage vocabulary, it isn’t a option. For better or for worse, through sickness and in health, till death do us part. Once you fully embrace the vows you said to one another, the happier moments will outweigh the sad ones and they will be in abundance! You will experience the beauty which is marriage. We’re still young, and have a long road ahead of us, so I pray for my marriage, I pray for everyone who is married or desires to be married one day. God bless you all! I Love you Mrs. Gant! Happy anniversary 🙂 #idefinefatherhood #happyanniversary2015 #marrriesd2011 #ilovemywife  #husbandandwife

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