A woman’s worth


Do you think that exotic dancing would have the allure that it has on women, if we as men didnt encourage or support it? Sexuality is flourishing in our society and compromises on tevelvison is exponential. I truly believe that the majority of women desire the affection and attention that only a man can give. If we as men degrade our women to the point that the only way for them to obtain our affection is through exploitation, then what is that saying about us as leaders? Exotic dancing is celebrated amongst men and women like never before. I know many believe that this type of entertainment is harmless, but it’s truly destructive, especially to a marriage. Once you open the door of allowing other people into your marriage you’re opening the door for the devil to operate in your marriage. Would you rather God have a hand in your marriage or the devil? Build our women up, encourage, support, inspire and most importantly love them. Let them know that our love is deeper than just lust. As always, it begins with us men, we set the pace. #idefinefatherhood #agodlywoman #shesworthmore #marriage #loveyourwoman #dontincouragedestruction #biggerpicture #woman

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