Tell her so


The fact of the matter is that we should be telling our wives that we love them EVERYDAY and multiple times a day. A lot of times I think we as husbands do not verbalize our affection enough. If you gaze upon your wife and see beauty, tell her she’s beautiful. If you notice she has a new hair style and you like it, tell her so. Don’t assume she can read your thoughts on how you feel about her. Shower her with affection and love and show her in tangible ways. Pulling her close and kissing her, hugging her, whatever it may be, just show and verbalize your love daily. Stregthen the bond of “oneness” and as always, make sure that God is a part of your marriage. #idefinefatherhood #loveyourwife #marriage #oneness #husbandandwife #beautiful #Jesus #God #ilovemywife #spiritualleader #ephesians5 #godsway

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