Pray in thy Will


I pray for things that will bring Glory to God. He lives in my heart and his spirit is with me always. I pray for his Glory because I am a humble servant of the Lord. I love being a servant to the Lord. Some will not understand this because they are still of the world and the world does not understand. Just as darkness doesn’t understand light. I would rather be a servant to the lord than a servant to the world. Prayer is aligning yourself with the will of God. Not for self indulgences. I do not trust my heart. But I do trust the creator of the land, of the air, of the sea, of the sun and stars. I trust the Lord!  #idefinefatherhood #trustintheLord #heavenlyfather #oneGod #prayer #prayingfather #marriage #husbandandwife #spiritualleader #jesus #christ #harvestamerica

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