The Great Commission


We are ALL called to share and spread the Gospel, teaching and enlightening others about Jesus. Unfortunately far too many relinquish this responsibility to pastors and those invovled in ministry. You would be surprised by how many Christians have a hard time mentioning the name Jesus to others. The Great Commission isn’t a suggestion, but a commandment to  all who call Jesus their Lord and savior. THE WORD CANNOT MOVE IF FEET REMAIN STILL AND LIPS REMAIN SEALED.  Be bold and unashamed to spread the good news, which is the love of Jesus Christ! And be prepared at all times, you never know when God will place someone in your path who is in need of hearing the word. #unashamed
#boldness #idefinefatherhood
#Jesus #God #goodnews #family #faith #husbandandwife #spirtualleader #father #greatcommision #love #father #holyspirit #biblestudent

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