Do not allow failure to keep you from succeeding. The easiest step to take proceeding a failed attempt is to give up. The devil is the great accuser and will attack your thoughts and make you believe you are not capable of success or of change. He will even send people your way to reinforce this mentality. The devil is always at work and notices when you are gaining momentum. His hope is to wound  you, in efforts to discourage you from continuing. Instances like these, are storms which require you to maintain your focus on Jesus. His promises are true and he will not abandon someone who is diligently seeking him! The Holy Spirit is constantly at work within you. So you fail 10 times, shall you let that detour you? If you focus soely on your failures you will inevitably lose, but if you focus on the light, which is Jesus, he will strengthen you to push forward. There is glory to be had. Do not let the devil keep you from achieving, that which God has placed in your heart. I challenge you to push on, despite your failures and be a testimony for someone else. #ifailbuticontinueon #idefinefatherhood #Powerinthename #Jesus #God #Holyspirt #love #marriage #husband #father

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