Neglect Not

When you’re married with kids, the most important relationship in your household is with your spouse. This is not to say that your relationship with your children is not important, but you and your spouse are of one flesh. A holy union that requires attention. Your children will one day leave the household and cleave to another, but your spouse will remain. Far to many times we as married couples, let the task of raising children consume our lives, so much that we neglect time with our spouse. Time with our children is necessary and important and should not be over looked. The Bible instructs parents to train their children up in the way of the Lord. This includes displaying what a loving marriage looks like. Children benefit greatly from a mother and father who love on each other daily VS parents who are distant from one another. The Christ love you express towards your spouse will trickle down onto your children and will stay with them forever. Do not neglect time with your spouse. 

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