Love thy neighbor 

We serve a God who shows no partiality between people on earth. Rich/poor, black/white, etc. he loves us ALL! Anyone who moves in the name of Christ yet is prejudice against another for whatever reason is NOT of Christ. Period. Our country is stricken with sin in the form of racial injustices. It is something that we as Christians must combat against, but we do not combat in the form of violence, slandering or strife. Violence only brings forth more violence. We combat in prayer and love. Christ Love. The greatest form of Love that has the power to change ones heart. Only that type of love brings forth change. So pray for those who have hardened hearts and love on those who slander you. For the God of this world has blinded them in their hate and their fate is sealed unless we engage and show them a different way. Jesus way. #unitedinChrist #idefinefatherhood #love #Jesus #God

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