The world has NO VICTORY!

There’s a misconception that when you become a Christian that all your problems disappear. That we are immune from the troubles of this world. Unfortunately this misconception leads many to fall away from the faith when something tragic occurs in their life. Jesus never promised a care free life, even He experienced tribulation when he walked this Earth. He was ridiculed and hated amongst many. Mocked and insulted and eventually nailed to a cross where he died. But yet there is hope and the final victory was His when He rose from the dead and conquered death! Despite all that happened to Him, He still won and the same is with all those who believe in Him. We now share in His victory and no matter what pain, hardship, lost or sorrow that befalls us in this life. Jesus is with us and is comforting us as we walk through these storms. And His comfort will reach its climax when we are reunited with Him in heaven and all the troubles of this world will fade away forever!!🙌🏽🙌🏽

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