Friday & Saturday (Passion Week)

My heart aches… my breath shallow… my eyes swollen from the tears…Early Friday morning  the Messiah was arrested and sentenced to death by crucifixion.

The Sanhedrin guards came in the middle of the night… led by Judas! He was the betrayer! The one Jesus spoke of!

He betrayed him with a kiss… “Teacher…”

The guards seized Jesus and Peter fought back! He grabbed a sword and sliced one of the guards ear off! Jesus restrained Peter and told him those who live by the sword would die by the sword. He picked the guard’s ear up and reattached it to the man’s head…

Fear of being arrested or murdered His disciples scattered.

Jesus was taken to the Sanhedrin where the Pharisees demanded his death. I heard Pilate didn’t want anything to do with his death, but did so to appease the crowd.

My heart broke as I looked upon Jesus. They brought him out to the public. Beaten and bloody, his skin hanging from his body, beard mangled and patchy, he could barely stand. They scourged Him so badly that He was almost unrecognizable.

The mob shouted for his crucifixion. The same ones who, but a few days ago shouted Hosanna!

They made Jesus carry His cross through town up to Golgotha where they nailed him to the cross in between two other men… By noon His last breath escaped His lungs.

The earth cried out as the ground began to quake! The sky turned black and the winds howled!

I don’t understand it all! He was the messiah! I know He was!

All the miracles he did… feeding the multitudes… healing the sick… raising the dead… was it all fake?

I know in my heart it wasn’t…

The body of Jesus was given to a rich man by the name of Joseph. Joseph took Jesus body and laid it in a tomb and covered it with a large stone.

With Jesus dead, all of His disciples went into hiding. I hear even His disciple Peter denied him!

How could this be? What are we going to do now?

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