Thursday (Passion Week)

Thursday night we enjoyed a Passover meal with Jesus. It was a peculiar meal… laughter, sadness, love, anger… not one could describe this moment… I was but a short distance away… I saw and heard everything.

It began with Jesus washing his 12 disciples feet! I could tell it made the men feel uncomfortable. Their Lord washing their feet… as if He was a savant to them?! It didn’t seem proper.

Jesus said that he was demonstrating love. He wanted to be an example of how we are to treat our neighbor.

Next he said something about his body being bread and his blood was in the cup and the men were to drink from it????? This meal was getting stranger by the minute.

The saddest moment of the night was when Jesus revealed that one of his disciples would betray him! “how could this be?” I said. Jesus is the prophesied messiah! Why would any of His twelve betray him?!

All of them denied it… no one admitted to any malice intent. Judas must’ve been real upset. He stood up and stormed out of the room… I wonder what that was about???

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