He’s Risen!


Early this morning Jesus mother and Mary Magdalene went to Jesus tomb to discover the stone which sealed the entrance had been rolled back!

The women came rushing into the room out of breath!

They said an angel of the Lord told them that Jesus had risen! The tomb which His body laid is empty!

Peter and John leaped up and ran to the tomb to investigate. When they arrived back from the tomb they confirmed that it indeed was empty!

Not too long after Peter and John returned from the tomb, our Lord Jesus appeared before us! The holes in his hands visible yet here he was alive and standing before us!

I knew he was the Messiah! All what He said is true and He is of God!

Praises to God! Praises to the Most High! Praises to our LIVING SAVIOR!!!

#happyeaster #hesrisen #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #helives #Christian #love #marriage #idefinefatherhood

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