It’s said that “The Christian army is the only army that shoots its wounded”. Sad but, often times true. A brother or sister in Christ needs to be restored when sin occurs, not condemned! The truth is that ALL of us fall from time to time. NO ONE RUNS A PERFECT RACE. NO ONE. When a fellow Christian stumbles it is our duty to restore them GENTLY and HUMBLY. Not one of us who call Jesus Lord enjoys sinning against Him. The shame weighs so heavily on us that it sometimes pushes us further from God instead of closer. The last thing a Christians needs to hear is further condemnation from another Christian. The devil already has the accusation job down pat! He doesn’t need anymore help, though I know he welcomes it. Love one another and do not pretend that you yourself have never fallen before. Do not run past them and slander them. Stop. Turn back. Grab them by the hand and gently lift them back to their feet. We all need one another. We cannot do this alone. No matter how many times they fall, you be there to love them and help them. Work in the Spirit of Christ, not the spirit of the devil. #amen #nocondemnationforthoseinChrist #supportoneanother #loveoneanother #forgive #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #husbandandwife #marriage #Christian #love #husband

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