Eternal Separation

Hell… it’s a real place where real people go. I do not say this lightly. In fact it saddens my heart to know that some people I know will choose to go there. I say choose because in the end it’s really a choice. God has done everything He can to stop this from happening. He sent His Son, God in the flesh to die for us. God died for us so that we could have LIFE!!!! I know it’s taboo to talk about hell. A lot of preachers choose to focus solely on love and never teach about hell. Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak about it. Not speaking about it doesn’t make it not exist. It’s there 😔… eternal separation from God scares me. He’s such a HUGE part of my life that I can’t imagine life without him. I can’t imagine life without His love. His counsel and comfort. I wouldn’t mind being tossed into a burning lake of sulfur as long as I have God with me. Do you understand??? A life without God is punishment enough. I pray everyone I know chooses life. I will do everything in my power to help nurture that seed. To help it grow, to help it pollinate others! Jesus is the way! The truth! The Life!!!!! Praises to Him who comes to save the world! Praises to the lamb that was slain! Praises to Him who gives Joy! Praises to HIM! JESUS CHRIST THE LORD!!!!! #thewaythetruththelife #Christian #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #love #life #idefinefatherhood #forgiveness #husbandandwife #marriage

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