Curse Not

Once upon a time my mouth was that of a sailor! Lol… my wife was the first to bring it to my attention and for the longest I didn’t see anything wrong with how I spoke. Cursing was harmless… so I thought. And I thought to myself “well if cursing is bad it would speak against it in the Bible.” Then one day during my studying I came upon this verse and my views changed forever! I guess this is what being transformed by the renewing of your mind means (Romans 12:2). I viewed my words differently. Cursing wasn’t harmless anymore. It was in fact VERY harmful. But not just cursing, all my words that weren’t for the Good of the kingdom were harmful. With my words I can bring either life or death. There is power in our tongue and those who lack control of it cause destruction like wild fires 🔥 edify yourself and others but putting away foul language. Be an example for all to see! #thewaythetruththelife #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #love #Christian #idefinefatherhood #marriage #men #husband

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