Bright like a Diamond 💎

Jesus is the light of the world! And the moment you said YES! His light came and now dwells with you and in you!

We’re talking about the CREATOR of the universe here! The CREATOR of existence! That’s some type of light!

Why then do we try and conceal it? Afraid of what others might say or think?

We should be known by our light! When we walk into the room the atmosphere should change!

Not because of anything that we’ve done, but because of what HE HAS DONE IN OUR LIVES!

Our change should be evident to all! He did NOT make us new to remain in our old ways! Truly I tell you, you are changed. And do not let the enemy tell you otherwise!


Walk in the light! And let it shine bright for all to see! 🙏🏽 #bright #lightoftheworld #Jesus #Holyspirit #God #idefinefatherhood #marriage #christian #love

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