He knew us before the womb

If the unknowing were to look at this picture, they would probably think that this was a joyous moment. Whatever This man is signing it must’ve been something good, a victory to say the least.

But when I look at this picture I’m filled with great sadness. I cringe. And it moves me to withdraw to prayer.

Who would’ve thought that the ending of innocent and defenseless life would be greeted with celebration and smiles??

It’s heartbreaking 😔😔

On January 22,2019 the governor of New York signed into state law the Reproductive Health Act. A law that would allow late term abortions up till the moment of birth. It also expanded the scope of who can administer abortions and decriminalized abortions performed late term where the mothers health is not in danger.

So basically a baby can be aborted anytime during pregnancy and can be administered by almost anyone with a health education background without worry of repercussions.

Despite what you may believe or think LIFE as we understand it BEGINS AT CONCEPTION. Period. The word of God tells us that He knew us before the foundation of the world!

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5. This verse was directed towards the prophet Jeremiah but, it stands true for all of us. Do you honestly think that the Lord is surprised by any conception that takes place on this earth??

God has known each and every one of us before we knew ourselves! Isn’t that amazing?!

Don’t try and tell me that life isn’t life just because it is unborn or cannot speak for itself.

This Health Act is not the way. Pray for all those who celebrated it and for all those who will seek to take advantage of it. Pray that God’s love draws them near. Pray that the error is brought to light and that this Health Act is repealed sooner rather then later. #Heknewusbeforethewomb #Jesus #Love #God #Holyspirit #life #idefinefatherhood

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