The Good News

There TRULY is nothing like sharing the Gospel to an eager ear. An attentive ear! To witness light start to swell in another’s eyes. The spark that starts it all. The spark that we all have experienced. The day we questioned and listened and wondered. “Is it true?” “Are you truly real?” “Show me Jesus…”

Have you ever shared the Good News? The good news of God’s kingdom? The Good News of the righteous and holy King Jesus?!

Wherever you are you are there for a purpose. You have been placed there to impact an environment!

All the positions that the Lord has blessed me with, I have been placed amongst those who need to hear the Good News!

The Good News that we no longer have to obey the unholy law of this world! Of this fallen kingdom! But that a new kingdom has come upon us and the King of this Kingdom is perfect! He’s awesome and amazing and beautiful and merciful, kind and power!

Don’t dread where you are. Utilize this time to impact those around you by sharing the Gospel!

Lives are eager to change if only someone would share with them.

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