As for me and my Household.

The worship of “Gods” is nothing new. Painted across documented history are the beliefs and following of a God. This very day we have many religions and idols being worshiped throughout the world. We even have splintered cults that incorporate many of the Judeo Christian beliefs into their religion, but twist it in a way that makes it alluring to those who do not agree with the unchanging word of God.

I’ve searched.

I’ve researched.

I examined many faiths.

None are like the grace and mercy and relationship that Jesus Christ offers.

The world is changing. Moving further and further away from Jesus.

I will not follow a trend. I will not worship dead ancestors and burn sage or follow Muhammad or praise Buddha or seek wisdom on the lips of those who speak death.

Do what seems right to you, but as for me and my household. WE WILL SERVE THE LORD. #childofGod #disciple #God #Jesus #idols #Holyspirit #idefinefatherhood

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