Making stand!

There has to come a day soon when we, the TRUE disciples of Jesus Christ, stop turning a blind eye towards lies and start taking a stand for the truth.

The lies of our adversary are at an all time high. Literally anything goes. New Age Spiritual practices are popping up left and right using a false Jesus as a platform to propel their false religion. And what saddens me is that I look around at the saints and we remain quiet. Afraid of controversy. Afraid to stand a part from the crowd. 

I get it we live in a world where to oppose someone’s thoughts and ideas is quickly labeled “unloving” and “offensive”, but we cannot let that detour us from proclaiming the Gospel.

“God is love and you are being unloving!” 

Yes. God is love, but God is not compromising. No where in scripture will you find God compromising His word in order to quench our idea of “love”.

The very nature of love testifies of truth! Where truth is absent, love cannot exist.

I am tired of sitting idle. If I come across a false teacher I will not be ashamed to expose the lie and just because I expose the lie does not mean I hate the person. I don’t hate anyone. I try my hardest to be like Jesus wherever I go, but if I see someone feeding another person poison I have to say something.



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