1% chance

Look I know we all have past experiences concerning God and the church. Some good and some bad. A lot of us were impacted negatively by someone in the church or we just flat out never believed to begin with. I get it. I was that person once. Most of my understanding of the Bible and of Jesus came from other non believers and people who “grew up in church”.

But one day I said enough is enough! Who are you Jesus? Really who are you and why have you been pursuing my heart for so long???

I guess what I am saying is that we can’t let assumptions and experiences with similar sinful people stop us from finding out if Jesus is who He says He is.

Do we really have a sinful condition? Did He really step in and take our punishment for us with his life?? Did He really rise and lives again? Is He really coming back one day?

But you have to want it. Truly want it. He will not violate your choice and force His way into your heart.

Just read it. Don’t know where to start? Start with the book of John. Grab a NIV or NLT version. Easier to read vs that Old English that no one speaks anymore lol.

There is such a thing as TRUTH and it is out there.

He’s waiting.

Repentance>forgiveness>salvation>new life.

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