The age of no truth

If asked to illustrate the current spiritual condition of this world, I would have to say it’s very similar to the associated image.

I hear pretty frequently

“We all have our own truth”

We are living in the age of no truth. No truth opens the door for ANYTHING to be accepted. Truth has been made subjective and it is seen as unloving and cruel to contest one’s idea of “truth”.

But just because someone has a strong belief in something does not mean it’s true. Belief does not define truth.

We must examine the evidence.

All roads and all beliefs and all “truths” do not lead to God. They contradict each other so the reality of the matter is, is that we can all Be wrong, but we can’t all be right.

Either Jesus is the way, the truth and the life or He is not. But He can’t be true amongst other “truths” of the world.

Follow the evidence.

#idefinefatherhood #Jesus #love #marriage

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