Sexy Time! 😊

News flash! God created Sex! And He created it to be ENJOYABLE Lol.

But He didn’t create it with the intent of us running around like rabbits, humping each and every person that we find attractive.

The ONLY sex that God blesses and approves of is that between a husband and wife.

That’s it.

Now when it comes to marriage and sexual intimacy it’s important that we DO NOT withhold sex from one another unless by mutual consent and for a time to devote ourselves to prayer. After that is done the Bible instructs is to come back together again so that Satan does not tempt us due to our lack of self control. 1Cor7:5

Sex is powerful in a marriage in that it provides spiritual, emotional and physical bonding. It brings two people closer together and strengthens a relationship. ESPECIALLY if they are following Jesus.

society will lie and trick you into believing that sexual satisfaction lies in numbers and frequency, but the truth of the matter is that consensual sex TRAGICALLY FAILS in comparison to godly monogamous sex. TRAGICALLY FAILS.

There isn’t even a comparison.

So enjoy your spouse. Smile, laugh and love one another. Oh and initiate sex A LOT! Lol ❤️ #idefinefatherhood #sex #christianmarriage #Jesus w

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