Why oh Lord do they put their faith in carved images? Have these stones or the universe ever given a testimony of itself? Have these idols ever saved them or delivered them in their time of need? Have these speechless images ever spoken to them and given them wisdom?

Why do they put their faith in dead prophets and teachers who went to the grave to never return?Who told them that these idols have a heaven to take them to? Who has given them false hope in fashioned carvings? From where do these lies spring from?

They sprout from the ideas of mortal men. From the lips of confusion they say to one another, “Come… let us create a god, a god that requires nothing from us. A god/ force that is all powerful and in control.”

So they pray to their statues. They seek comfort from the universe. They speak of “good vibrations” and “positive energy” as if these things delight in recognition. They pray to the stars as if the stars have ears to hear with.

They cherish and find comfort in the creation and denounce the Creator.

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