What does sin look like to you?

What does sin look like to you? More importantly what does sin look like to God? That’s the real question… but for now, I propose this question to you, the reader. If you had to describe sin to someone, what would you say? I read an article where the author described sin in a picture that came to him during his quiet time. the picture he saw was that of the mangled, beaten body of our Lord Jesus on that old rugged cross on Mt. Calvary. Often times in worship or in prayer I have visions and picture things as well. I close my eyes and imagine. This particular revelation came to me as I was laying in bed one night. I thought about where I was before Christ and where I am now. Concerning sin and my old self… I saw sin as “invisible spiritual bullets” that were wounding me. I say “invisible” because often times we don’t see or recognize that which is sin in our lives. We stroll through life blind to the destruction that is taking place. The thing or behavior we believe to be bringing us pleasure is all the while killing us slowly. I say “spiritual” because while sin effects us physically, it is spiritually that sin causes the most damage. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Physical death is but a moment, but spiritual death is for an enternity. I say “bullets” because they cause us pain and hurt us and if left untreated it kills us. Invisible Spiritual bullets…    I have other imageries that come to mind, but this was the most recent. My intention is not to mislead you into believing that I am without sin. Though I have been made new in Christ, I still feel the impact of spiritual bullets. For if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us (1 John 1:8). The difference now is that the veil has been lifted. I see these bullets more clearly, no longer invisible no longer oblivious to the destruction they bring. I stand in victory from what Jesus accomplished and I fight back. Armed with the word of God. So again I ask… what does sin look like to you?


Walk the Talk


So, you know the bible from beginning to end. You confess your faith in Jesus Christ. You can recite biblical scriptures on command… yet still your fruits are bitter in taste… because you do not what you hear… you continue to live through the flesh… deceiving yourself and others… “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that DOETH the will of my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 7:21… key word is DOETH, walk the talk. #idefinefatherhood #obedience #jesusislove #thewordislife #dothewillofGod #conquerthyflesh #hearanddo #walkthetalk

On Guard


We have this misconception that the devil, because of who he is and what he is capable of, that he carries out all his schemes in grand spectacles. We expect his attacks to be distinguishable. We expect them to be noticeable. But do not underestimate your opponent, for the strongest  adversary is one that carries out his plans in the subtlest of ways. He patiently and strategically chips away at the armor. Invading undetected and unexpectedly. For how much easier is it to attack a fortress if the inhabitants never see the attack coming? #idefinefatherhood #wordofGod #alwaysondefense #goldenarmor #Love #father #marriage #Jesus #God #Christ #armyourselfwiththeword #Ephisians6:10-20

Conquer Thy Flesh update


I’m reminded of just how IMperfect I am. I struggle with my temper at times. I try to control it and I do majority of the time, but there are times when It gets the best of me. It’s a constant conscious effort on my part to calm myself and not allow situations to compromise all which I have gained by  following Christ. The flesh is a hard obstacle to overcome when you’re doing it alone. When it comes to my anger, I replace those destructive emotions with love. I dwell on the positive and not the negative. Love gives me a route out, while anger keeps me in a mentally distraught place which lingers. I refuse to give the Devil power over my life and dictate how I treat my family. I give that power to Jesus and let him have it in abundance. I am HIS and he is MINE. #idefinefatherhood #Jesus #love #God #marriage #husband #father #husbandandwife #parenthood #conquerthyflesh #christ #savior #bible

“Its just Flirting”


Is there such a thing as “innocent flirting?” Not when you’re married there isn’t. When your married the only women you should be flirting with is your WIFE. That’s how your love for each other grows. You can’t fully love  your wife in the way that God would have you if your attention is being divided amongst other women and do not convince yourself into believing that flirting isn’t cheating just because it isn’t physical. When you  flirt  with other women you are cheating on your  wife spiritually, emotionally and  lustfully and you are leaving the door  open for the Devil to work in your marriage. Flirting has the dangerous potential of leading to other things. Take not that chance of ruining your family by allowing flirting with other women to occur in your life. Give all your love  and attention to your wife. Do not fall a victim to the desires of the flesh. Turn away from it and run as far away from it as  possible. In the  shadows the Devil conspires against you and your marriage. Do not underestimate the cunningness in which he carries out his plan.

The Battle Within


Sometimes it seems like conquering the flesh comes  with no reward. When you follow the desires of the flesh it usually leads to some type of gratification. Despite that gratification being short  lived, it’s enough to keep you distracted and desiring more. Unlike following the desires of the flesh, conquering the flesh may  or may not result in immediate gratification. At least that is what it may  feel like. Giving into the desires of the flesh is so much easier than conquering it. Takes little to no effort to give in, but conquering those same desires, choosing to take a different path requires a lot of strength and courage. Though it may seem like no change is occurring when you conquer the flesh, the most significant change of all is quietly taking place when  you do. For each time you’re able to equip the Holy Spirit  and defeat the flesh you’re growing spiritually. Each time you’re getting stronger and stronger. Till one day, that once loud yell of the flesh is reduced to a whisper and the former you is no more. No more are you a servant to the desires of the flesh. You are a servant to Christ  and that type of gratification is everlasting.


“So I say, walk by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Gal 5:16

Sin plagues us all and is difficult to overcome when you’re battling it alone. Conquer Thy Flesh is a fun way of combating sin head on, offering a supportive, interactive movement to help overcome our own personal sin. Not to be confused with fasting, which usually has a predestined end date, Conquer Thy Flesh is a lifelong voyage combating sin. Whatever it may be, whatever you may be going through, if you feel something in your life is hindering you from having a closer relationship with God and you desperately desire a change, Conquer Thy Flesh is for you! Its time to start creating voids in our life, so God may fill them with his love. To participate is easy! Simply snap a selfie of yourself with a written hash tag #ConquerThyFlesh, include the same hash tag when you upload your photo on Instagram or Facebook and Bam! Thats it! Have fun and get creative with your post and post as often as you like! By taking this small step, you’re acknowledging your own personal battle with sin and are showing support for others who are also trying to overcome sin. No need to disclose what your battling unless you want to and remember, when temptation is knocking at your door, pray! There is no greater strength than that of the Holy Spirit!