Are your children not much more important than your career? Is time spent with your kids not much more valuable than any material thing that you could ever buy them? Is setting a good example of a marriage built on the word of God not worth working out the problems in your relationship? Is sowing the seed of God in your children hearts not much more important than anything else you will ever do as a parent? Allowing your priorities to be established by what the world believes in will keep you from being established in what God believes in. Do … Continue reading Priorities

Children Alike

As a father of two, I know first hand how hard and stressful raising a child can be. Having two daughters ages 1 1/2 and 3, everyday is a test of my patience and love. A test of my patience because at times they get into a lot of mischief, and a test of my unconditional love because I consciously have to look past the calamity and always remember to apply love in every situation. Even when I discipline them, I do it in a way that promotes love instead of anger. When I sit back and meditate on it … Continue reading Children Alike


 cropped-img_4795-e1407436919729.jpgRaising my children in the way of the Lord is the greatest accomplishment I could achieve as a FATHER. Dear lord I accept with open arms the blessings YOU have bestowed upon me and fathers alike.  Being your children first and then INTrusting them onto me. I know the greatest gift I could ever offer is to guide them back to you as a symbol of your love that lives in us. In your name I pray. amen.

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