Marriage on the ROCK

It’s funny…when you scroll through a photo album all you usually see are the happy moments, but in between those moments, I’m sure there are some difficult times. Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary and I’m proud to say that we’ve never been happier as a couple! Now, I could fabricate a story and tell you that we have a perfect marriage and that we never have disagreements, but that would be misleading and false. The reality concerning marriages is that disagreements will arise, conflict will arise, but it’s how you as a couple work through … Continue reading Marriage on the ROCK

Always remember to Love your Wife

Majority of the time when conflict arises in my marriage, it’s due to the decline of LOVE I express towards my wife. Never intentionally, but day to day activities have a way of distracting me from whats most important. The repetitivness of distractions in life can create distance in a marriage, weakening the bond and before you know it, tension blossoms in your home. As I stated before, distractions have a way of coming between a husband and wife, which isn’t an anomaly, for truly I tell you that this world is designed to distract a husband from his wife. … Continue reading Always remember to Love your Wife

God is Restoration

A lot of couples make the mistake of believing that a marriage is a union of only two people, one man and one woman, and as a result, many of those marriages end in divorce. Marriage is not a union of two people, but THREE. It is a union of one man, one woman and GOD, it is a holy union. Most divorces arise from a hardened heart, a hardened heart is an unforgiving heart, and a unforgiving heart is a sinful heart. Essentially marriages that end divorce is a result of couples not inviting God into their marriage. They … Continue reading God is Restoration

“Its just Flirting”

Is there such a thing as “innocent flirting?” Not when you’re married there isn’t. When your married the only women you should be flirting with is your WIFE. That’s how your love for each other grows. You can’t fully love  your wife in the way that God would have you if your attention is being divided amongst other women and do not convince yourself into believing that flirting isn’t cheating just because it isn’t physical. When you  flirt  with other women you are cheating on your  wife spiritually, emotionally and  lustfully and you are leaving the door  open for the … Continue reading “Its just Flirting”

Hindered Prayers

Have you ever considered that your circumstances are a result of the lack of love and respect you show your wife? Can you bring yourself to admit that your faults are the cause of a lot of the problems in your marriage? As husbands and spiritual leaders of our families, we must own the responsibility of how are marriage plays out. We have the power to make or break our marriage. To build it up with love or to weaken it with anger and distrust. It’s easy to place the blame on your wife and dwell on all the negative in your relationship. A mindset like … Continue reading Hindered Prayers