Accountability: ac·count·a·bil·i·ty noun 1. the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility. It amazes me how often we as a people shift blame. Instead of owning our faults our mistakes our sin, we look to point the finger in another direction. Tell me if any of these sound familiar… “If God didn’t want me to do what I did, he should’ve stopped me.” “If sin is bad why does it feel so Good?” “I can’t help that God made me this way. It’s His fault. Not mine.” The problem isn’t God, the problem is our lack of self control and … Continue reading Accountability

The age of no truth

If asked to illustrate the current spiritual condition of this world, I would have to say it’s very similar to the associated image. • I hear pretty frequently • “We all have our own truth” • We are living in the age of no truth. No truth opens the door for ANYTHING to be accepted. Truth has been made subjective and it is seen as unloving and cruel to contest one’s idea of “truth”. • But just because someone has a strong belief in something does not mean it’s true. Belief does not define truth. • We must examine the … Continue reading The age of no truth

1% chance

Look I know we all have past experiences concerning God and the church. Some good and some bad. A lot of us were impacted negatively by someone in the church or we just flat out never believed to begin with. I get it. I was that person once. Most of my understanding of the Bible and of Jesus came from other non believers and people who “grew up in church”. • But one day I said enough is enough! Who are you Jesus? Really who are you and why have you been pursuing my heart for so long??? • I … Continue reading 1% chance

Making stand!

There has to come a day soon when we, the TRUE disciples of Jesus Christ, stop turning a blind eye towards lies and start taking a stand for the truth. • The lies of our adversary are at an all time high. Literally anything goes. New Age Spiritual practices are popping up left and right using a false Jesus as a platform to propel their false religion. And what saddens me is that I look around at the saints and we remain quiet. Afraid of controversy. Afraid to stand a part from the crowd.  • I get it we live in a world where to oppose someone’s … Continue reading Making stand!

She shouldn’t be last

I’m reminded today of how too much of a good thing can become a bad thing in a marriage. • I’m constantly and always doing something. When I’m not at work I’m at home working. Trying to cram in as much as I can before the sun sets. • Between my career, my rambunctious blessings and home maintenance. My wife if I allow it can fall by the waist side. Leaving her and I little to no time together at the very end of the day. • My career is good, raising my children is good and taking care of … Continue reading She shouldn’t be last

Walking away

Our flesh has a sinful constitutional aversion to acknowledge that there is a God. • But why? • The Bible supports this, in that every person inherently understands that there is a God. Creation testifies of a creator. (Romans 1:18-20) • So why ignore it? • Maybe because to acknowledge that there is a God is to acknowledge that you are accountable to someone greater then yourself and that you are not of your own doing. • Our sin. The constitutional law of sin is to avert from God. Not to obey Him or seek Him. Our sin wants NOTHING … Continue reading Walking away

A loving Home

Men… • Sometimes to break through tension in a marriage you have to grab hold of your wife and let her know that love will reign supreme in your lives. • Reassure her of your commitment to her and to Jesus and that the devil will have NO part in your union. • It is the Husband who decides how love will Be expressed in a marriage. • Don’t wait for her to make the first move. You are the man and God has placed you as head of the marriage. • Determine this day to love Jesus first with … Continue reading A loving Home

Discrepancies in the Gospels

If you’ve read the Gospels there’s only a matter of time before you run into a variation of an event. One Gospel says that a certain event occurred one way while another Gospel may say it happened slightly different. For instance, the account of the empty tomb. No two Gospels describe this event identically. The Gospel of Matthew says that two women (Mary Magdalene and the other Mary) arrived at dawn and that an Angel came down from Heaven, rolled back the stone and spoke to the women telling them that “Jesus has Risen” after which they both took off … Continue reading Discrepancies in the Gospels

Which Road?

Despite what today’s world tries to convince us, all roads do not lead to God. In fact there is but one way and one road. I say that with a joyful yet saddened heart. Joyful because I now walk on that one road. Saddened because I know many who do not and never will. There comes a point in our lives that we must examine what the world says vs what Jesus says. Is Jesus a liar? Is He God in the flesh? Did He truly come down to die for our sins? More importantly did He truly die and … Continue reading Which Road?