Curse Not

Once upon a time my mouth was that of a sailor! Lol… my wife was the first to bring it to my attention and for the longest I didn’t see anything wrong with how I spoke. Cursing was harmless… so I thought. And I thought to myself “well if cursing is bad it would speak against it in the Bible.” Then one day during my studying I came upon this verse and my views changed forever! I guess this is what being transformed by the renewing of your mind means (Romans 12:2). I viewed my words differently. Cursing wasn’t harmless anymore. It was in fact VERY harmful. But not just cursing, all my words that weren’t for the Good of the kingdom were harmful. With my words I can bring either life or death. There is power in our tongue and those who lack control of it cause destruction like wild fires 🔥 edify yourself and others but putting away foul language. Be an example for all to see! #thewaythetruththelife #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #love #Christian #idefinefatherhood #marriage #men #husband

Eternal Separation

Hell… it’s a real place where real people go. I do not say this lightly. In fact it saddens my heart to know that some people I know will choose to go there. I say choose because in the end it’s really a choice. God has done everything He can to stop this from happening. He sent His Son, God in the flesh to die for us. God died for us so that we could have LIFE!!!! I know it’s taboo to talk about hell. A lot of preachers choose to focus solely on love and never teach about hell. Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak about it. Not speaking about it doesn’t make it not exist. It’s there 😔… eternal separation from God scares me. He’s such a HUGE part of my life that I can’t imagine life without him. I can’t imagine life without His love. His counsel and comfort. I wouldn’t mind being tossed into a burning lake of sulfur as long as I have God with me. Do you understand??? A life without God is punishment enough. I pray everyone I know chooses life. I will do everything in my power to help nurture that seed. To help it grow, to help it pollinate others! Jesus is the way! The truth! The Life!!!!! Praises to Him who comes to save the world! Praises to the lamb that was slain! Praises to Him who gives Joy! Praises to HIM! JESUS CHRIST THE LORD!!!!! #thewaythetruththelife #Christian #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #love #life #idefinefatherhood #forgiveness #husbandandwife #marriage

Joyful JOY! 😁

There’s nothing like the JOY experienced as a result of abiding in Christ and letting Him truly be Lord in your life!! DAILY!!! Lol. There’s nothing like it… (BIG EXHALE)… nothing like it 😁😂😂❤️🕺🏾 #abideinChrist #JOY #love #Jesus #Christ #God #Holyspirit #marriage #husbandandwife #idefinefatherhood


It’s said that “The Christian army is the only army that shoots its wounded”. Sad but, often times true. A brother or sister in Christ needs to be restored when sin occurs, not condemned! The truth is that ALL of us fall from time to time. NO ONE RUNS A PERFECT RACE. NO ONE. When a fellow Christian stumbles it is our duty to restore them GENTLY and HUMBLY. Not one of us who call Jesus Lord enjoys sinning against Him. The shame weighs so heavily on us that it sometimes pushes us further from God instead of closer. The last thing a Christians needs to hear is further condemnation from another Christian. The devil already has the accusation job down pat! He doesn’t need anymore help, though I know he welcomes it. Love one another and do not pretend that you yourself have never fallen before. Do not run past them and slander them. Stop. Turn back. Grab them by the hand and gently lift them back to their feet. We all need one another. We cannot do this alone. No matter how many times they fall, you be there to love them and help them. Work in the Spirit of Christ, not the spirit of the devil. #amen #nocondemnationforthoseinChrist #supportoneanother #loveoneanother #forgive #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #husbandandwife #marriage #Christian #love #husband

Godly Woman

Men. When it comes to choosing a spouse. Seek a woman who loves the Lord, who is more concerned with what God thinks vs what the world thinks. A woman after God’s heart is a blessing!!! #igotmeagodlywife🙌🏽 #love #Jesus #Holyspirit #idefinefatherhood #husbandandwife #marriage

His Way

Do you believe God knows what’s best for you? Or is your life better in your own hands? Personally speaking, my life didn’t start making sense till I allowed God to take control. My advice… His way is better than our own. #followGod #Hisway #Jesus #Holyspirit #God #love #marriage #husband #idefinefatherhood

Quick to Listen

Quick to listen… slow to speak… slow to become angry. A virtue that is over looked. Yet is ESSENTIAL in the life of the Christian. Everything does not require a response. And we don’t always need the last word or to prove a point. If anger begins to rise within, that’s a sign to withdraw from the conversation. It doesn’t mean you’re quitter. It just means you refuse to allow your emotions to dictate the outcome. Listen before you speak… #God #Jesus #Holyspirit #Christian #love #idefinefatherhood


It’s ONLY because of His consolation that I’m able to persevere in this life. Being a Christian does not mean life in this world will be perfect. We too endure and go through trials. Maybe even more so then the nonbeliever, but our resolve is not of this world. We do not seek out resolutions constructed by man. We seek Jesus. We choose His joy. And because ultimately we know who He is and what He can do and how it all will end… we’re able to go on… with un-rattled happiness 🙌🏽😊 #inhimitrust #joy #love #Jesus #God #HolySpirit #marriage #husband #idefinefatherhood