Anxiety…the distraction

There is so much in this world that we cannot control. So much that is unknown. So what do we do? Do we develop anxiety and feed the unknown. Or do we cast our anxiety onto a KNOWN God? Anxiety is a stumbling block that keeps us distracted. In great time of anxiety or stress let us work towards worshipping God. In those moments seek the Kingdom and let your thoughts be on heavenly matters. Let God worry about what we perceive as the “unknown” trust when I say it is KNOWN to God. And that we can TRUST in. ❤️ #kingdombusiness #trust #God #Love #Jesus #Holyspirit #idefinefatherhood #marriage


Narrow Gate

Why is the gate narrow? Because there is but one way. There are no secret passages or hidden gates. Jesus is Truth! And Truth isn’t dependent on the thoughts or beliefs of people who’s emotions and ideas shift from one day to the next. Follow the path that he has set before you. And let not this world entice you to stray. Blessed in the one who trust in the Lord, who delights in his statues. Blessed is the one who seeks the Narrow Gate. #Amen #Blessed #God #Jesus #Holyspirit #love #truth #marriage #christian #idefinefatherhood


Being patient can be hard. It can be VERY HARD. Especially when things just don’t seem to be going in your favor, but we must remember that God is in control and his timing is PERFECT. Being patient and waiting on the Lord is one way we show our love and faith in Him. We are acknowledging His power and believing that His promises are indeed YES and Amen. If we say we trust in Him then let us demonstrate our trust by TRUSTING in Him. 🙌🏾 #patientlywaiting #love #God #Jesus #Holyspirit #christian #idefinefatherhood #marriage

We Have Kingdom work to do! 😁👍🏾👌🏾

Despite circumstances we must stand firm and always give ourselves to the work of the Lord. Whether that’s regular bible study, evangelical work, mission trips, watering seed or planting seed. Continue to abide in Christ and be prepared for service. We all have Kingdom work to do! 😁😎🙌🏾👌🏾 #ourworkisneverdone #love #God #Jesus #Holyspirit #marriage #christian #kingdomwork #idefinefatherhood

Kingdom business

Let us not dwell on what is temporary, but instead let us focus on what is eternal. You are a part of God’s plan. You have a role to play. You have much to contribute. Cast your worries on the Lord and continue in the work that he has called you to do. #Jesus #God #Holyspirit #invisible #love #idefinefatherhood #marriage


This is what it’s ALL about. This is what we call a LEGACY. This man changed my life forever. It wasn’t so much what he accomplished as it was the example he set as a man after Jesus heart. As a man who loved and cherished his wife. As a man who loved and instilled wisdom into his children. My father in love was an amazing man who reflected the light of Christ in all he did. We honored him this past Saturday with a 5k walk that celebrated all those who blessed others by donating their organs. I love and miss you dad. I can’t wait to see you again…although I can wait a little bit longer 😉 lol #fatherhood

His strength!

Remember who He is! Remember all that He has done! Remember the Golden Armor that He has given you! His beautiful and Radiant Golden Armor that protects you! Take up your Shield of Faith! Extinguish all fiery darts! Faith believes and knows that all attacks from the enemy are in vain. They are not truth! Push forward! I say again PUSH FORWARD!!! #strongholdsfall #shieldoffaith #God #Christian #Jesus #Holyspirit #love #marriage #idefinefatherhood

Perfect Love

EVEN BEFORE TIME BEGAN! Every time I read that it gets to me. God’s plan for us was set. He is the beginning and the end. All knowing and all powerful Lord. People question God and ask “why would he allow Adam and Eve to fall?” “Why didn’t he stop them?” Yes He knew they would sin but He also knew to what extent He would go to to get us back. Jesus came to die for us. He had us in mind in the beginning. He loved us SO MUCH he chose to shed His blood for us. Would you do that for someone who doesn’t know you? Well He did. #perfectlove #savior #love #Christian #God #Jesus #Holyspirit #idefinefatherhood #marriage