Love thy neighbor 

We serve a God who shows no partiality between people on earth. Rich/poor, black/white, etc. he loves us ALL! Anyone who moves in the name of Christ yet is prejudice against another for whatever reason is NOT of Christ. Period. Our country is stricken with sin in the form of racial injustices. It is something that we as Christians must combat against, but we do not combat in the form of violence, slandering or strife. Violence only brings forth more violence. We combat in prayer and love. Christ Love. The greatest form of Love that has the power to change ones heart. Only that type of love brings forth change. So pray for those who have hardened hearts and love on those who slander you. For the God of this world has blinded them in their hate and their fate is sealed unless we engage and show them a different way. Jesus way. #unitedinChrist #idefinefatherhood #love #Jesus #God


Victory is to be had


Speaking of my own personal testimony, I find the more I pray with a honest and sincere heart and the more obedient I am to the teachings of Jesus..That the more victorious I am when facing temptation. I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working in my life and it gives me an indescribable strength. Where as before I was weak to  the desires of the flesh, I now possess the strength to conquer thy flesh. As men it’s important that we learn not to give in to temptation, for it is WE who set the tone for our family.  #idefinefatherhood #godispower #temptationfleefromme #conquerthyflesh #walkingwithChrist #jesusislove #marriage #husbandandwife #spiritualleader #wesetthetone

Lukewarm Christian


Lukewarm Christians can be misleading in both speech and action, preaching one thing yet doing another. Preaching the word of God, yet still living comfortably in sin and being disobedient to the word. Essentially lukewarm Christians hinder nonbelievers by displaying a false example of a Christian on fire.To someone who has no relationship with God, they recieve this false display as the truth and thus begin their relationship with God on a foundation built on sand rather than rock. We all endure temptation, but as the church of Christ we have a responsibility to be the best example of Christ in this world. We must not lead nonbelievers astray by our words or actions.  #idefinefatherhood #knowtheword #soulonfire #falseteachers #godislove #godistruth #marriage #husbandandwife #obideintheword #allornothing

Live Through Christ


It’s FAR more important that we encourge our children to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ then in our own. You had a chance to live your life, give them a chance to live theirs. #idefinefatherhood #trustinthelord #fatherhood #love #christ #marriage #God #husbandandwife #liveandlearn #parenthood #children

Because I love you


I’m conflicted whenever I post topics concerning homosexuality, not because I have doubts about the word of God, but because I have family and friends who I care deeply for and love with ALL my heart, who are part of the gay community. I think about them each time I post or say something concerning homosexuality and I’m constantly analyzing my post, praying that I am not hurting them, or pushing them further away from God. Having said that, as a follower of Christ I have a responsibility to spread the gospel, even if it brings about an uncomfortable situation. To remain silent and pacify the word, would be tragedy and a disservice to Jesus and my love ones. I pass judgment on NO ONE because truth be told I have sin in my own life that I battle daily. But I acknowledge it and combat it head on, exposing the prowling lion to the LIGHT. The truth is in the word, if you disbelieve me, open it up see what you discover. The devil is a lie, not the word. #idefinefatherhood #onelove #loveyoufam #genesis9 #becauseiloveyou #marriage #husbandandwife #holybible #jesus #god #fatherhood #thecovenant #promisenotpride #samenowandforever

Fathers matter


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 24 million (1 out of 3) children in America live without their biological father in the home.The occurrence is even more prevalent in African American households, where a staggering 55% of all black children live in single parent homes, of which 51% are lead by just a mother. Single parent homes are rapidly becoming the norm in today’s society. Surely I tell you men, on this current path, we are heading towards destruction. Look around… it’s no coincidence that our community is falling apart. Invite God into your life and into your family’s life and correct the course. #idefinefatherhood #familymatters #fathersmatter #spiritualleader #love #god #jesusheals #holyspirit #change #parenthood #wakeup #wearethedifference #detroit #america

God is Restoration


A lot of couples make the mistake of believing that a marriage is a union of only two people, one man and one woman, and as a result, many of those marriages end in divorce. Marriage is not a union of two people, but THREE. It is a union of one man, one woman and GOD, it is a holy union. Most divorces arise from a hardened heart, a hardened heart is an unforgiving heart, and a unforgiving heart is a sinful heart. Essentially marriages that end divorce is a result of couples not inviting God into their marriage. They try to do it on their own. The problem with that is when conflict arises they lack wisdom and guidance to come through it. They rely on their own wisdom or wisdom of others to resolve their problems. They seek alternative routes instead of the one true route in God. Man is flawed and as a result any advice we can muster up will be flawed in some way. But God is RIGHTEOUS! he is ALL KNOWING and POWERFUL! he is GRACE! he is LOVE! and he is RESTORATION to a broken marriage. Fall to your knees! Lift up your voice and call out to the father to enter your marriage! The Devil seeks to destroy your marriage and push you further away from God. He preys on God-less marriages and devours them, but God believes in you and your marriage and wants nothing, but to be a part of it. The question is, will you allow him to be? #idefinefatherhood #husbandandwife #nevergiveup #therock #love #jesus #god #holyunion #dontletthedevilwin #fatherhood #husband #spiritualleader #detroitbaby #restoration #holyspirit

Everything in God’s will


As much as I would welcome a larger disposable income, not having one has enabled me to learn a lot about fixing things. When things break down around the house my 1st instinct isn’t to rush out and buy something new nor is it to pay someone to fix it for me. I’m sure if I had the extra money,  that’s exactly what I would do, but what growth is to be gained from a obstacle that is easy to overcome? So instead of feeling sorry for myself or becoming stressed when things break down, I take DELIGHT in them. I take delight and give thanks because I belong to Christ Jesus and I know that this is the will of God as it concerns me (1Th 5:18). As a Christian I live to be in God’s will. I do not want to live a life outside of God’s will, because to me… to live outside of God’s will, is not to live at all. #idefinefatherhood #lawnmowerman #mrDIY #God’swill #marriage #husbandandwife #parenthood #spiritualleader #endure #love #Christ #jesus #learningexperience #strength

Gay Marriage


Just because I do not agree with your choice, does not mean that I hate you. I’m sorry that some Christians, use the name of God to make you feel less than human, less than equal. That isn’t what Jesus Christ taught. Surely I tell you, I do not hate you, on the contrary I LOVE YOU! I love you enough to say that I do not agree with it. Do not confuse my disagreement with “judgment” for it is written that there is only ONE lawgiver and judge (James4:12). I speak LOVINGLY truth with my neighbor. Truth established by the word of God and not by what’s socially acceptable. The word is truth and truth alone. God bless you!!!!! #idefinefatherhood #gaymarriage #Christ #Jesus #God #conquerthyflesh #onemanonewoman #Lovethyneighbor #godhealsall #marriage #fatherhood #parenthood #parenthood #love

The Narrow Gate


Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Mt 7:13-14

The gate that leads to destruction is wide because it allows many ways to enter through it..many roads..and many routes… it is easy because it lacks accountability. Accountability is left up to the individual, determining what is right and just in one’s own eye. This gate will inevitably welcome many more people. The gate to life is narrow because it allows for only one road..and one route to enter through it. That route is through Jesus Christ. Accountability is upheld by the word. Unfortunately only few will enter through this gate… so I guess the real question is…Which gate will you choose?
Make no mistake, we all will make a choice.
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